Become a Member

Members who join before the venue opens will receive:

  • Pre-membership benefits until the venue opens
    • one year of discounts at organizations that support SPEEC’s mission
    • discounted entry to events produced by SPEEC (usually 2-4 per month)
  • One year of membership
    • a basic membership starting the day the venue opens (of course, all members also must complete orientation to activate their membership)
    • the option to renew membership for a second year at the price paid for your first year
  • That warm, fuzzy feeling you get knowing you’re making SPEEC a reality — and making Portland a more sex-positive place!

Basic Member Benefits

  • access to all member-only SPEEC events
  • free/reduced entry to other SPEEC events
  • access to SPEEC’s sex-positive media library

Why Membership Matters

Some events require membership so that members can attend events with the comfort that everyone else in attendance has completed the membership requirements and understands the privacy policy and expected conduct.

Partner groups holding events at the SPEEC venue may offer reduced entry or other benefits for members.

Please note: Valid photo ID is required for entrance into the venue, though no personal information is gathered from said ID. We just want to make sure that you are who you say you are.


Basic SPEEC membership is $50 per person, per year. The membership fee is used to cover the upkeep of the venue and provide educational resources.