Community Resources

We have built a comprehensive database of resources for the sex-positive community, listing contact information and summaries for many different types of businesses and organizations including sex-positive retail businesses and venues as well as non-profit groups, emergency hotlines, STI testing information, and much more.

If there is something you need that you do not see in our database — or something you know of that you would like to add — please contact us. We want this database to be a valuable asset to the community.

Please use the search tabs below to help you find the resource you are looking for.

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Title & Link Description Type Tags
ALAD Munch Monthly munch on the 3rd Sunday for Ageplayers, Littles, and Adult Babies. Social/Munch BDSM
Bad Girls Membership-based social club hosting monthly munches, workshops, and discussion groups for female-identified people interested in BDSM. Org/Group BDSM
Bad Girls Women's Munch Monthly munch on 2nd Tuesdays, for female-identified people age 21+. Social/Munch BDSM
Bears' Happy Hour Monthly munch for bears on the 2nd Friday. Social/Munch BDSM
Beartown Weekend-long series of events celebrating Bear culture, occurring every June, locations around Portland. Event BDSM
Beaverton B-Town Munch Weekly munch, occurring every Monday. 18+ Social/Munch BDSM
Beaverton Munch Monthly munch, every 2nd Sunday. 18+ Social/Munch BDSM
Blackout Leather Non-membership organization that hosts the OSL contest and other events, supporting the LGBT Leather/SM/Fetish community in the Portland, OR area. Org/Group BDSM
Blood, Sweat, & Queers Monthly queer play party on 1st Saturdays in Seattle WA that actively welcomes those from the Portland, OR area. Event BDSM
Bois/Boys in Leather Service A group of self-identified leatherboys/bois with a mission to contribute towards the betterment of their communities through volunteering time and service. Org/Group BDSM
Bridgetown Leathermen A network of Leathermen who care about each other and are interested in mentoring those coming up in the Leather way of life. Org/Group BDSM
Cascadia Poly Under construction Org/Group Poly
Catalyst Art & Cultural Space Community space for adults (18+) to use for meetings, workshops, art shows, social activities, and more. Venue BDSM, Poly, Tantra, Sex Positive, Swinger
Crush Gay-owned restaurant that welcomes sex-positive and kinky events. Venue BDSM, Sex Positive
Curvalicious Munch Monthly munch for people with bigger bodies and those who love and admire them. Evert 3rd Sunday (may be sporadic right now.) 21+ Social/Munch BDSM
Dance Naked Productions A theater company dedicated to celebrating and unlocking the erotic imagination. Org/Group Sex Positive
DeaconX Public fetish event every 3rd Sunday, featuring vendors and rope art performances. Event BDSM
Dirty Playground Queer play party hosted by Haus of Consent, devoted to creating queer space. Happens every other month, currently on hiatus. Event BDSM
Far East Munch Monthly munch on 2nd Sundays for those in the Gresham area. 18+ Social/Munch BDSM
First Friday Fetish Party Monthly men's party at HawksPDX, often with a live demo. Event BDSM
Full Moon Friday Monthly topical discussion for self-identified women age 18+. Hosted by Bad Girls Event BDSM
Geeky Rope Fun Day Rope-heavy play party at a private residence on the 1st & 3rd Sundays. Event BDSM
Hawks PDX Bath house, sex, and social club for men. Venue BDSM, Sex Positive
Hillsboro Munch Monthly munch on 2nd Saturdays. 18+ Social/Munch BDSM
HOWL Overnight even open to self-identified women occurring every July. Event BDSM
Jaya Kula A nonprofit spiritual organization offering teachings in direct realization of Tantra, Ayurveda and the tradition of Anandamayi Ma. Org/Group Tantra
Kink Night Expanded kink-themed party at The Velvet Rope, every 4th Sunday. Event BDSM, Swinger
KinkFest Portland's largest kink event occurring every March with workshops, vendors, large dungeons, and active play parties. Hosted by the Portland Leather Alliance. Event BDSM
Kinky-Ass Introverts A quasi-monthly event for introverted and/or shy kinky people. Social/Munch BDSM
Kundalini Yoga Portland A nonprofit, local community of people who care deeply about sharing the teachings of Kundalini Yoga, as taught by Yogi Bhajan. Org/Group Tantra
Leather PDX Mailing list for the PDX scene with a slight emphasis on the gay Leather community. Web Resource BDSM
Leatherwoods Annual kinky camping event outside of Salem, OR with workshops, vendors, and an outdoor dungeon. Event BDSM
Local Lounge Small bar located in NE Portland that is home to many kink-related events. Venue BDSM, Sex Positive
Lotus Heart Center Center for the Study and Exploration of Sacred Sexuality, Eroticism & Relationship Venue Tantra, Sex Positive
MAsT Pacific Northwest Group focused on the Master/slave dynamic that hosts monthly meetings in NE Portland (3rd Sundays) Org/Group BDSM
Meadhall Dungeon Play space located in West Linn, available to rent for photo shoots, pro-domme sessions, and community events. Venue BDSM, Sex Positive
Mystery Box Show Portland's live storytelling series dedicated to featuring stories of sex and sexuality. Event Sex Positive
Naughty Kink Studio space offering pro-domme sessions and private rental. 5 minutes from downtown Portland Venue BDSM, Sex Positive
Night of Kink Bi-monthly dance/performance/play party. Event BDSM
Northwest Gender Alliance Nonprofit social, support, and educational group for trans* individuals. Org/Group Sex Positive
Open Northwest local non-monogamist community for Portland and surrounding areas hosting events, discussions and resources for all experience levels Web Resource Poly, Sex Positive, Swinger
Oregon Bears A fraternal and social organization committed to fun and fundraising that welcomes individuals of all colors, shapes and sizes and from all walks of life. Org/Group BDSM
Oregon Leather History Project Project documenting the history of the leather community in Oregon. Web Resource BDSM
Oregon Leather Pride 10 days of kinky events hosted by BDSM and Leather organizations in the Portland area occurring every August. Event BDSM
Oregon State Leather Contest Title contest occurring every August during Oregon Leather Pride, hosted by Blackout Leather Productions. Event BDSM
Paradise Unbound Annual camping event held north of Seattle, attended by many in the Portland area. Happens every August and features workshops and play. Event BDSM
PDX Aces Meetup Meetup groups for asexual-identified people in the Portland, OR area. Org/Group Sex Positive
PDX League of Gentlemen Support group for Gentleman-identified, Male-identified, and Male community of Portland, OR. Org/Group BDSM
PDX Littles Meetup Monthly get together for littles and Bigs at The Catalyst. Snacks, coloring, and games! Social/Munch BDSM
PDX Midnight Munch Weekly (every Wednesday) munch for night owls. Social/Munch BDSM
PDX Monogamy Munch Munch for those who identify as monogamous. Sporadic, day and location change. Social/Munch BDSM
PDX Tran* Meetup Sporadic munch for trans* identified people and their partners. Social/Munch BDSM
PDX-ASB Mailing list for Portland, OR kink and BDSM events. Web Resource BDSM
PDX-PAH (Pups and Handlers) A social group for pups and handlers (and kitties!) Org/Group BDSM
Penumbra Studio Small studio/house in outer SE Portland, home of Rope Jam and available for rent to individuals or small groups. Venue BDSM, Sex Positive
PFLAG Portland Support organization for LGBTQ persons, their families, and friends through love and understanding, education, and advocacy. Org/Group Sex Positive
Polyamory PDX Mailing List Mailing list for polyamorous people in the Portland, OR area. Web Resource Poly
Portland Aces - Facebook Group for organizing meetups for the Portland, OR area aces (asexual-identified people). Org/Group Sex Positive
Portland Aces - Twitter Posts for the Portland Aces, a group for asexual-identified individuals in the Portland, OR area. Org/Group Sex Positive
Portland Erotic Ball Portland's biggest Halloween party that requires costumes for all guests. 21+ Event BDSM, Sex Positive
Portland Leather Alliance Producers of KinkFest, partners in Oregon Leather Pride, and provide monthly workshops for the community. Membership-based. Org/Group BDSM
Portland Leather Men A social group for men, which has no bylaws, no politics, and no committees. Org/Group BDSM
Portland Leathermen Potluck 18+, Men Only. Portland's oldest Men's-Only leather group meets for food and camaraderie. Social/Munch BDSM
Portland Open 20s & 30s A group to connect young people in Portland, OR who are polyamorous, swingers, nonmonogamous, or curious about open relationships. Org/Group Poly, Swinger
Portland Poly Family Meetup Meetup group for polyamorous individuals with a mindset for building family & community. Org/Group Poly
Portland Polyamory Meetup Monthly meetup on 2nd Saturdays for polyamorous people in the Portland area. Org/Group Poly
Portland Queer Munch Monthly munch for queer-identified people and their partners. 18+ Social/Munch BDSM
Portland Rope Arts Group Social group promoting education and the exchange of knowledge about rope bondage. Org/Group BDSM
Portland Ropesters Monthly bondage social & party on 4th Saturdays. Casual rope practice, very female friendly. 18+ Event BDSM
Portland Tantra Community Meetup Meetup group for the Tantra community in Portland, OR. Org/Group Tantra
Portland Wednesday Munch Weekly (every Wednesday) munch in downtown Portland. 18+ Social/Munch BDSM
PRAG Workshop & Party Workshop and play party to exchange knowledge about rope bondage. Event BDSM
Pup Mosh Monthly gather for pups, handlers, and even kittens. Location varies. Event BDSM
Q Center Queer community center providing space for meetings and social events. Venue BDSM, Poly, Sex Positive
Q Center Community Calendar Calendar of events for the Portland, OR area queer communities. Web Resource Sex Positive
Queer Leather Dinner Gathering for Queer Leather people to comfortably wear their leather gear and have community conversations. 21+ Social/Munch BDSM
Red Cheeks Party Group dedicated to spanking & bondage, open to new people. Monthly on 2nd Saturdays. Event BDSM
Red Cheeks Too Public party from the hosts of Red Cheeks, monthly on 1st Wednesdays at The Velvet Rope. Event BDSM
Rope Jam Monthly rope-focused play party on 4th Sundays at Penumbra Studio. Event BDSM
Rose City Domme/sub Mixer A casual social event for Female Dominants and subs of all genders. Monthly on the 3rd Saturday. Social/Munch BDSM
Sacred Tantra Club A sacred sexuality group, formerly the Explorers Club. Org/Group Tantra, Sex Positive
Salem Munch Munch for the Salem, OR area on 2nd Tuesdays and 4th Saturdays. Social/Munch BDSM
SE Portland Munch Weekly munch every Thursday in SE Portland. 21+ Social/Munch BDSM
Service Social An event created to provide a space for those interested in service dynamics. Includes an on-stage showcasing of those looking for a service relationship. 21+ Social/Munch BDSM
Sex Positive PDX Meetup group for Sex Positive Portland Org/Group Sex Positive
Sexual Minority Provider Directory An online directory of therapists in Portland, OR that specialize in supporting diverse sexual identities and expressions, as well as alternative relationships structures Web Resource BDSM, Poly, Tantra, Sex Positive, Swinger
Sexy Tuesdays for Planned Parenthood Recurring event hosted by PPCW with the goal of building a new generation of supporters and advocates for PPCW. Event Sex Positive
Shades of Lavender Meetup Meetup group for individuals in the "Queer Middle-Ground". Org/Group Sex Positive
SinergyPDX Local resources, including shops, therapists, attorneys, and more. Web Resource BDSM
Sinsations Sampler Tasting event for female-identified people. Occurs every February and is followed by a play party. Event BDSM
South Valley Oregon BDSM Mailing list for BDSM and kink events in the Salem/Eugene area. Web Resource BDSM
STEEP Society for Tea Enjoyment and Entertainment in Portland - A group for people who are interested in Tea Parties for the pleasure of Ladies. Org/Group BDSM
Summer Spank Kinky camping event happening over Labor Day weekend featuring games, workshops, vendors, and play. Event BDSM
Super No-Va Munch Weekly munch occurring every Friday in Vancouver, WA. 21+ Social/Munch BDSM
SW PDX Happy Hour Weekly munch happening every Monday. Social/Munch BDSM
Talking Kink Panel-led community discussion on BDSM & kink held on 4th Mondays. Event BDSM
The Office Play space located in NE Portland, available to rent. Also hosts community events. Venue BDSM, Poly, Sex Positive
The Shop Party Play party on 2nd Saturdays near Estacada, OR. Size positive, 18+ Event BDSM
The Velvet Rope A sexual social/swing club, formerly known as Angel's. Venue Swinger
TransActive Nonprofit organization focused on serving the diverse needs or transgender and gender nonconforming children, youth, their families and allies. Web Resource Sex Positive
Tranz Guys PDX Monthly (3rd Sundays) social support and discussion group for people assigned female at birth who now identify otherwise. Org/Group Sex Positive
Twisted Cedar Estate Private adult retreat outside of Portland on 8 acres of secluded land. Venue BDSM, Poly, Tantra, Sex Positive, Swinger
Valhalla Educational Group Monthly classes on a 6-month cycle covering a range of BDSM 101 topics. Org/Group BDSM
Valhalla House Local community-oriented dungeon that hosts bi-monthly play parties and the Valhalla Educational Group. Venue BDSM
Valhalla House Party Bi-monthly party occurring on 2nd and 4th Fridays. Event BDSM
Vancouver Munch Monthly munch on 2nd Tuesdays in downtown Vancouver. Social/Munch BDSM
Vancouver Munch Online Chat Online discussion on 1st Mondays, tied into the Vancouver Munch. Web Resource BDSM
Vendors Fair and Leather Tastings Event occurring every August and November featuring tastings and vendors, hosted by the PLA and followed by a play party in the evening. Event BDSM
Whipper Snappers Social group for those ages 18-30, hosting monthly munches and occasional workshops/parties. Org/Group BDSM
Whipper Snappers Munch Munch for those age 18-30, every 1st Saturday and occasional Tuesdays. Social/Munch BDSM