Meet the Board

We are recruiting new board members! Do you have an interest in making a change and supporting sex positive communities? Do you know someone who does? Here’s a complete role description. Just fill out this application and e-mail it to

The initial board was elected from a group of core members that were passionate about the idea of starting SPEEC. The board is now and will continue to be selected based on non-profit experience, community experience, skills, leadership qualities, motivation, and available time. New directors will be selected from nominated individuals at the end of each term or in cases of attrition.



Chair Angie
Angie Gunn is a therapist in private practice in Portland, OR, and online through Talkspace, who is out as  queer, kinky, and non-monogamous. She serves LGBTQIPA+, kinky, non-monogamous, sexual trauma, and others as an ally, advocate, and resource for connection, change and healing. She also serves as Sex Therapy Expert for Talkspace, more than 1000 therapists. Trained in sexuality, trauma, attachment and family systems, she works as a therapist and clinical social worker, identifying the barriers to healthy relationships, sexual expression, and overall well-being and assisting in developing resiliency skills. She’s also experienced in training, facilitation as well as mediation across different audiences. Angie is an advocate and strong voice for empowerment, intersectionality, sexual expression and connection in our community.
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Co-Chair Stella
Stella has spent nearly 10 years working in the non-profit field, with both established and start-up organizations. Highlights include running the membership program at one of the PNW’s best loved animal shelters, serving a three year term as a board member for Willamette Valley Development Officers, and heading up the peer-to-peer fundraising campaign to build an orphanage and community center in Haiti which culminated in co-leading a volunteer trip to assist with construction.

In recent years, Stella has focused more of her efforts on the local BDSM and sex-positive communities. She is a member of the PLA, a greeter for one of the local munches, an organizer of PRAG and Hitchin’ Bitches, and often works as a Dungeon Monitor at local events. Stella has a passion for BDSM education. She writes erotic fiction as well as lifestyle and educational pieces on sex and kink. Through her writing and teaching she explores the complex world of love and lust and strives to help people explore their kinks safely and free of shame. Stella is thrilled to be involved with SPEEC, it feels like the inevitable culmination of her interests and talents.
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Secretary Mychel
Mychel is an “out” feminist and identifies with several of the communities that go under the heading of “sex positive”. She brings years of graduate education, including particular focus areas in gender studies and inequality. She has worked within the university setting on improving institutional conditions for people who do not conform to gender norms and/or heteronormative standards, and before that, did activist work with VOX: Voices for Planned Parenthood and other groups. For the past few years, most of her volunteer work has been within the kink community and most of her activism has been education-oriented.
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Treasurer Judy
Judy brings to SPEEC her strong business mind and passion for creating sex-positive experiences and spaces. She is a technology and experience designer by day, as well as a lifelong geek for sex and relationships. Her special interests are polyamory, sex-positive parenting, consent culture, and bridging gaps between disparate communities. She is an active member and volunteer in sex-positive/feminist communities and ongoing events in Portland. She is also a parent, gamer, novice mountain climber, and passionate roller derby fan.
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