Hold a Fundraising Event

As a community non-profit organization, SPEEC needs everyone’s help to raise money to obtain a venue! We absolutely have to have money in the bank before we can qualify to rent a commercial space – after that we will be able to use the venue itself for revenue. We can all play a part in helping to get the foundation of this sex positive space off the ground. Talking to our loved ones, friends, and community is imperative to spreading the word and gaining support.

Hosts of fundraiser events are also eligible for our awesome donor perks!

Host a private house party or backyard event

Join a friend and plan a get-together of your network of folks, have a great time and raise some money for SPEEC!

    1. Plan a party along these lines.
    2. Get creative and make the party fun and engaging for your guests! You know your friends and associates best, so make it a party that they would enjoy… whether that means a game night, an elaborate dinner, or a backyard barbeque.
    3. Five essential elements of a house party:
      1. People receive an invitation to come to a private home.
      2. The invitation makes it clear that the evening will be a fundraising event.
      3. Participants arrive and are served some refreshments.
      4. Participants sit through a brief presentation.
      5. A peer – someone articulate, respected and enthusiastic – stands up to introduce SPEEC and its mission, and asks everyone present to make a contribution. SPEEC can provide a representative to speak to your guests, if desired.

If you’re planning a house/backyard party, please complete this private event form at least four weeks ahead of time so that SPEEC can support your event with collateral (info cards, stickers, and buttons) and a speaker.

Host a public fundraising event

Have an event you would like to organize where the proceeds (or part of the proceeds) benefit SPEEC? Great!

Complete the public event form here.