SPEEC's MISSION is to be an inclusive non-profit organization which exists to facilitate the development of sex-positive communities in the Pacific NW. SPEEC provides leadership and structure as well as educational resources to promote growth, foster communication, and increase cohesiveness among and between local sex-positive communities. SPEEC is a liaison between the sex positive communities and sexuality activism and advocacy for all bodies, races, gender, and people. How will you get involved?


Membership are now available! Founding members can get perks for SPEEC events, discounts all around town, and special prices on membership for the first two years.

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Did you know that donations to SPEEC are tax-deductible and go straight toward making Portland a more amazing, sex-positive city? Learn about the perks of supporting SPEEC!

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SPEEC's volunteers are our lifeblood; we simply would not exist without them. Join us in creating something incredible, sustainable, and revolutionary. Right here in Portland.

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