Swappy Seconds Donations

Portland’s Sex Positive Education and Event Center welcomes your donations of books, BDSM implements, and (high quality, non-porous) sex toys! Donations will be sold at Swappy Seconds and used to benefit sex-positive culture, events, people, and space in Portland and beyond!


Toys must be sanitized and put in a clear ziplock bag. If you know the brand, model name, or any information about the item, please staple/attach that information to the outside of the bag. Please check out the sex toy cleaning guide from our friends at She Bop!

We WILL accept toys made from pure silicone, glass, metal, hard plastic, and other body-safe, non-porous materials.

We WILL ALSO accept BDSM implements and non-insertable toys made of leather, rubber, wood, or any of the above materials.

We WILL NOT accept jelly, elastomer, cyberskin, realskin, trueskin, Ultra Realistic 3.0 (UR3), rubber, TPR (or “TPR Silicone”), any porous insertable toys, or clothing.


MAIL: Send your donations to…

5510 N Commercial Ave
Portland, OR 97217


9/9 SLUT TALK: The Official SlutWalk Afterparty
9/13 Swappy Seconds Donation Drop-off — JUST ADDED!
9/20 Volunteer Social
9/23 Drop-In and Game Night
9/24 Tongue Tied: Book Launch and Reading
10/1 True Stories of Black Queerness

OR: contact Mychel — mychel@speecportland.org — to make other arrangements.

Please get us your donations by end of September!


We will be at The Mystery Box Show on October 6, bringing some fun while you wait for the show and accepting your Swappy Seconds donations! Buy your tickets now, enjoy an amazing night of sexy storytelling, and clean out your bedside table (or dungeon armoire — we’re not here to judge) — all for a great cause!