Raising Funds for SPEEC with Crowdrise

It’s easy to get started with fundraising – and it’s fun and rewarding too! Just visit our Crowdrise page and click on the link to join the team!

When you set up your own page, there are a few things to keep in mind.

You’re going to be sharing your page with your friends on social media, and they’ll want to know why you’re excited about SPEEC. So just share in your own words why this project is important to you and why you think Portland needs SPEEC. Then add a picture or two and you’re ready to go… set a goal for your page and start sharing!

Crowdrise pages are a great way to make a big impact even if you can’t give a lot of money yourself. The bulk of donations come from regular people just giving what they can – that’s why we need a lot of people supporting us.

All fundraisers all eligible for donor perks whether they donate themselves or simply raise the money for us.