We believe everyone, regardless of ability, has the right to pleasure, connection, and sexual expression of their choosing. We acknowledge that the current socio-political assumptions regarding folks with disabilities are inaccurate and we aim to change this in our local community. The stereotypes that people with disabilities are asexual and incapable of being in (sexual or other) relationships is damaging. So many spaces are inaccessible, whether through lack of elevators or ramps, lack of accessible bathrooms, hosting most events in clubs with strobe lights, etc. We also acknowledge that there are significant differences in how people are treated depending on if they have a disability that is visible or invisible, related to mental or emotional or physical or cognitive health, is temporary or not, and whether they have additional marginalized statuses such as being a POC or queer.

We have to admit, we have thus far failed to find a truly accessible, or even up to ADA standards building. Right now the space we are renting does not have an accessible bathroom (door is too narrow) or entryway (step without a ramp).

Here are a few resources to people doing amazing work in this area. We’re looking forward to collaborating with others to create more access and understanding for those in our local community.



The Ultimate Guide to Sex and Disability